Series: Chaos Lever

My Pet, Server Cow [CL75]

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned meditates on the suitably of analogies and models, including the OSI model, LEAN manufacturing in DevOps, and Justin Timberlake as electricity.

ReiserFS In Decline [CL74]

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023 | Series: Chaos Lever

What’s in a name? Sometimes forced obsolescence.

Opposite Day With Advertising Company Google [CL73]

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 12, 2023 | Series: Chaos Lever

Your privacy sandbox is neither private nor a sandbox. Discuss.

Spinning Rust Ain't Dead Yet [CL72]

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 5, 2023 | Series: Chaos Lever

The humble hard drive isn’t going anywhere, despite rumors of its imminent demise. Tape too.

Exploring VMware, err, Explore [CL71]

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023 | Series: Chaos Lever

Spelunking Into VMware Explore to Discover the Hidden Secrets. It’s AI. Because, of course it is.

Software Licensing is BS...L [CL70]

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ethan Banks joins Ned and Chris to discuss HashiCorp’s BSL change.

Soapbox Engineering? [CL69]

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 15, 2023 | Series: Chaos Lever

Chris helps to illuminate what the heck a Platform Engineer even is.

Honesty Is The Worst Policy [CL68]

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 8, 2023 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned walks us through Microsoft’s lost MSA Key and the ensuing disaster.

Hyper Prologue Log [CL67]

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 18, 2023 | Series: Chaos Lever

Chris introduces us to LogLog, SuperLogLog, and HyperLogLog. I swear these are real things.