Series: Chaos Lever

The Time Someone Actually Broke The Internet [CL95]

Posted on Thursday, Feb 29, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Explore the story of how 11 lines of code disrupted the internet, the battle between open-source ethics and corporate power, and the fragile nature of our digital world.

Beyond The Rumors and Into the Future of Cloud Computing [CL94]

Posted on Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris discuss the supposedly uncertain future of cloud computing, reviewing recent CapEx and strategic shifts by leading providers, and speculating on AI’s impact on the future of technology.

The Emerging Landscape of Cyber Insurance [CL93]

Posted on Thursday, Feb 15, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Understanding the effects of cyber insurance on the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats.

A look into Cloud Field Day 19 and SoftIron’s trailblazing path in cloud technology through a fusion of custom hardware and software.

How AI Is Reshaping The Internet As We Know It [CL91]

Posted on Thursday, Feb 1, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris delve into how AI shapes the internet’s transformation, discussing its profound effects on current challenges and the rise of user-focused, diverse application integrations for the future.

Unraveling GitHub's Tech Mysteries [CL90]

Posted on Thursday, Jan 25, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris explore the complexities of GitHub, examining version control systems and uncovering potential security risks in GitHub Actions and Workflows.

Redefining Virtualization in the VMware Acquisition Era [CL89]

Posted on Thursday, Jan 18, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris tackle the complexities of VMware’s post-acquisition era, offering insightful strategies for enterprises and SMBs!

The Future of Tech in 2024 as Predicted by Ned and Chris [CL88]

Posted on Thursday, Jan 11, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris embark on their annual attempt to predict the biggest tech stories in 2024.

The 2023 Tech Year in Review [CL87]

Posted on Thursday, Jan 4, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris review their predictions for 2023 and evaluate their abilities to accurately (or not so accurately) predict the future… of tech.