Series: Chaos Lever

Tracing the Origins Of Tech Terminology [CL102]

Posted on Thursday, Apr 18, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris explore the curious origins of everyday tech terms, like ‘download’ and ’log in,’ and how they became part of our digital lives.

When Code Goes Rogue: The CVE-2024-3094 Saga [CL101]

Posted on Thursday, Apr 11, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris discuss the impact of a sophisticated cybersecurity vulnerability, CVE-2024-3094, found in xz compression software by a Microsoft employee.

AI’s High Speed Chase in Networking [CL100]

Posted on Thursday, Apr 4, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris discuss the evolution of data center networking technologies, particularly focusing on the rivalry between Ethernet and InfiniBand in the context of AI and high-performance computing.

The Anatomy of AI: The Tech Behind the Intelligence [CL99]

Posted on Thursday, Mar 28, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

AI’s infrastructure, from the coding languages that power the models, to the networking that connects it all. Plus, a look into what effects this has on our planet..

More like VMwhere it's at? (Remixed and Remastered) [CL98]

Posted on Thursday, Mar 21, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

REWIND: We take a moment to reflect on VMware’s past, present, and future given the Broadcom acquisition. Ned is furious about Chris’ distaste for cake. And we all agree WSL on Windows Server is silly.

Outsmarting Sophisticated Phishing Attacks in the Digital Era [CL97]

Posted on Thursday, Mar 14, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Unpacking the growing level of phishing scams with the latest data, trends, and defenses in cybersecurity.

The Reality of 'Secure by Design' and the Future of Cybersecurity [CL96]

Posted on Thursday, Mar 7, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris discuss the ‘Secure by Design’ initiative, debating its effects on tech innovation and cybersecurity in the fast-paced tech world.

The Time Someone Actually Broke The Internet [CL95]

Posted on Thursday, Feb 29, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Explore the story of how 11 lines of code disrupted the internet, the battle between open-source ethics and corporate power, and the fragile nature of our digital world.

Beyond The Rumors and Into the Future of Cloud Computing [CL94]

Posted on Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned and Chris discuss the supposedly uncertain future of cloud computing, reviewing recent CapEx and strategic shifts by leading providers, and speculating on AI’s impact on the future of technology.