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Each week you will get a curated version of that week's podcast material. We will supply the links and the snark in an easily digestible (and swear-word free, SFW) manner. We might also have things in there that aren't from the podcast- guest writers, thoughts on upcoming events, tech news that didn't make it into the show. We think it will evolve over time so don't hesitate to let us know [Note: And by us, we mean, 'let Ned know.' -ed.]

And don't worry. We don't care enough about you to sell your data to advertisers. It's not always about you, you know, ya snarky little solipsist. In my day, no one cared about emails or Tik-tokers, or IGs. We had onions on our belts, crows in our hair, and shoelaces made from ostrich pelvis. And we liked it. Now it's all, "Oh noe you're going to sell my data. Please don't give my email to the bad Google ad man." Rest assured, though.. Ned would never do that. Chris on the other hand... [Note: Chris would not in fact, do that. -ed again.]

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