With a large enough lever, you could move the world. Technology is that lever. Progress is the fulcrum. Where we go is up to us. Chaos Lever is a weekly, tech news podcast dedicated to tracking new and emerging trends in the enterprise IT landscape, and figuring out why they are terrible.

Chris Hayner

Chris Hayner

Ned Bellavance

Ned Bellavance

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Tech News of the Week for 9/28/2023

Posted on Thursday, Sep 28, 2023 | Series: Moar Tech Garbage

Microsoft loses 38TB on Azure, Sony is hacked (again), and NFTs continue to be worth less and worthless.

Moar Tech Garbage [MTG001]

Posted on Thursday, Jul 13, 2023 | Series: Moar Tech Garbage

AI Still Sucks at FanFic, JumpCloud revokes all the API keys, and Threads is 100M strong.

Microaggressive Licensing [CL66]

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 11, 2023 | Series: Chaos Lever

Ned walks us through the RHEL licensing debacle with a historical perspective on Linux, GPLv2, and Red Hat.

Thirty-Six GigaToasters [65]

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 4, 2023

Chris relays his experience at Security Field Day 9, Ned is amazed Yammer still exists, and we all lament the recent RHEL changes.

Just Disappointed [64]

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 27, 2023

Chris teams up with CISA to talk about Zero Trust in the government (no, not like that), Ned is pumped about the Aurora supercomputer, and Oregon does what New Jersey couldn’t.

Sometimes You’re The Problem [63]

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 20, 2023

Ned tells us why OpenStack is not dead yet, Chris reminds us that Twitter continues to be awful, and we both wonder if anyone isn’t using us-east-1.

Cher: The Cheez-It of Pop [62]

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 13, 2023

Chris introduces us to the pointless term Hyperautomation, Ned reminds us that crypto is a scam, and we all agree that Barracuda needs a hug and a juice box.

The Algorithm Made Me Do It [61]

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 6, 2023

Ned summarizes his experience at Cloud Field Day 17, Chris is pumped about satellite hacking IN SPACE, and we both agree that patent trolls are patently awful.

Lying To Itself And Others [60]

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Ned puts on the AI goggles for Microsoft Build and Red Hat Summit, Chris is excited about Azure Linux, and we are both thankful PyPI is starting to require 2FA.

New Ways To Do Things Wrong: RSA Conference 2023 [59]

Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Chris picks out the highlights and themes of RSA 2023, Ned applauds the EU fine against Facebook, and we both are suspicious of Intel’s intentions with x86S.