With a large enough lever, you could move the world. Technology is that lever. Progress is the fulcrum. Where we go is up to us. Chaos Lever is a weekly, tech news podcast dedicated to tracking new and emerging trends in the enterprise IT landscape, and figuring out why they are terrible.

Chris Hayner

Chris Hayner

Ned Bellavance

Ned Bellavance

Latest Episode

Just DID It On Em

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022

Ned investigates the world of Decentralized Identity, Chris realized he’s the problem with AI art, and we take the time to lament the Queen’s passing in our own special way. By completely ignoring it.

Poised for Data Dominance [CL7]

Posted on Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Chris puts on a Brave face about Google’s AMP project, Ned adopts a basset hound and names it Istio, and we all get progressively more confused about VMware and SD cards.

There Is No Multicloud [CL6]

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 26, 2022

Ned insists that both spoons and multicloud do not exist, Chris introduces us to the ThunderBert cable standard, and we literally lament the figurative use of literally.

Dog Is My Copilot [CL5]

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 19, 2022

Chris adorns aviator goggles for a flight with Copilot, Ned continues to be correct about Ampere, and we begrudgingly address the Musk situation.

Rabid NFT Squirrels [CL4]

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 12, 2022

Ned expresses his disdain for all that web3 nonsense, Azure ARMs itself with new SKUs, and Elon is still a troll.

Half An Arsonist [CL3]

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 5, 2022

Chris finishes his thoughts about the presentations from Security Field Day 7 (#XFD7). Ned threatens to commit arson. And guess who’s coming for dinner? No really, guess.

Secure Virtual Giraffe [CL2]

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 30, 2022

Chris talks about interesting tidbits from Security Field Day 7 (#XFD7). Ned bakes bread and breaks encryption. And we all agree that NFTs are the hottest grabage of all.

Layered Tech Garbage [CL1]

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 22, 2022

In this inaugural episode, we cover DNA based storage, Microsoft Ad problems, Oracle & Ampere, and a lack of lasagna emojis.