With a large enough lever, you could move the world. Technology is that lever. Progress is the fulcrum. Where we go is up to us. Chaos Lever is a weekly, tech news podcast dedicated to tracking new and emerging trends in the enterprise IT landscape, and figuring out why they are terrible.

Chris Hayner

Chris Hayner

Ned Bellavance

Ned Bellavance

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The Time Someone Actually Broke The Internet

Posted on Thursday, Feb 29, 2024 | Series: Chaos Lever

Explore the story of how 11 lines of code disrupted the internet, the battle between open-source ethics and corporate power, and the fragile nature of our digital world.

Soapy Alt Dave [24]

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 6, 2022

Ned and Chris discuss how Best Practices don’t exist, Cloudflare still sucks, and we all agree Chili Dogs also suck, but like in a good way.

Centralia Hairspray Challenge [23]

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022

Chris covers the Mudge and Twitter drama, Ned gets riled up about Cloudflare sucking, and we both agree that Centralia is a perfect metaphor for most corporate IT.

Down With The Sickness [22]

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 23, 2022

Ned laments the use of IPU in a deep dive on SmartNICs, Chris is upset about Protons, and we all bask in the glow of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation.

A Table Of Cards [21]

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

Chris reminds us of the deep existential crisis in late-stage capitalism, Ned gets excited about open-source emoji 😁, and we both agree Comcast sucks.

It Wasn’t Worth The Effort [20]

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 9, 2022

Ned pontificates on the meaning of Zero Trust, Chris coins the term EquiFail, and we all ponder for whom the llama’s ass is whipped.

The Wisdom of Fred Smellypants [19]

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 2, 2022

Chris takes us on a QUIC journey through HTTP/3. Ned does and does not cover quantum cryptography. And we all lament the untimely death of the Choco Taco.

Synchronous Viralicity [18]

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 26, 2022

Ned pontificates about the premature announcement of Open Core’s death, Chris is incensed by Facebook (again), and we all sigh heavily about hardcoded passwords.

Shiny Vampires in the Woods [17]

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 19, 2022

Chris argues for pervasive, specialized clouds in a hyperscaler world. Ned fetches FIDO keys. And we once again lament the inevitable Muskination of Twooter.

DevOops I Did It Again [16]

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022

Ned gets in his feels about DevOps, Chris maligns Elon’s good name, and we both agree the Star Wars prequels are trash.