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Look MA, the FTC is doing something good!

Posted on Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 by Ned Bellavance

Somewhere in DC a Republican is yelling KHAAAAAN! And they don’t know why it’s funny.

If you add AI to a browser no one uses, does it make a sound?

Open source on open source on open source? It’s a seven layer OSS dip!

Put down the bullet coffee, close your MacBook, and maybe try going outside?

They used a diamond anvil to squish water ice into a tetragonal crystal structure. So obvious!

In fairness, most software you download is some form of malware anyway.

Nobody has ever accused Elon of being clever, and a jury agrees.

Entropy will come for us all eventually, but DNS and BGP will be first.

Remember when we balked at $600 for a mere smart phone? We were so young then.

Now you can have a Three Mile Island in your backyard! Be the envy of all your previously non-radioactive neighbors.