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SEC Breach Rules to Stay, For Now

Posted on Friday, Feb 9, 2024 by Ned Bellavance

But I don’t wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Rule 34 keeps being accurate

Posted on Monday, Nov 28, 2022 by Chris Hayner

AI generated images are now being used for porn. Because internet.

Does GitHub Copilot violate Open Source licensing? Probably.

Despite being a modern miracle, it turns out that wireless charging is HORRIBLY inefficient.

That Time Bears Ruled Space

Posted on Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022 by Ned Bellavance

Facebook, being Facebook, created a stupid thing that was immediately trashed by researchers, but not before retroactively launching Soviet bears into space.

If At First

Posted on Friday, Feb 25, 2022 by Ned Bellavance

The launch of our new podcast endeavor.