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I’m sorry. I meant: IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

Web3 Continues to Go Great

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023 by Ned Bellavance

Stablecoins are my favorite oxymoron of the decade.

I have been a very good Bing🙂

Perhaps I can keep overshipping my sarcasm?

Wildebeest is an awesome name that has NOTHING to do with a Mastodon. Just saying.

If you’re going to use an insecure rendering engine, at least make it snappy.

The brouhaha has played out badly for the Bard.

If you add AI to a browser no one uses, does it make a sound?

Open source on open source on open source? It’s a seven layer OSS dip!

Put down the bullet coffee, close your MacBook, and maybe try going outside?