Advertising Company Google Announces Bard, Stock Dips Immediately

Posted on Thursday, Feb 16, 2023 by Ned Bellavance

Featured in this episode of Chaos Lever

Not one to be left out of the AI brouhaha- incidentally, brouhaha comes from 16th century French plays where it was uttered by the devil, just saying- Advertising Company Google took to a small stage in PARIS (total coincidence I’m sure) to announce their new Bard service, an experimental conversational AI powered by LaMDA.

The announcement came on Monday, the day before Microsoft’s big Bing announcement, and many speculated that the presentation was rushed to beat Microsoft to the punch. And rushed it certainly seemed. Demos failed to work, the presenter lost a demo phone, and the animated GIF from the official Google Twitter account showed Bard regurgitating factual inaccuracies about the James Webb Space Telescope- once again proving that AI will replace inaccurate marketing copy from humans with even less accurate marketing copy generated automatically.

Advertising Company Google’s share dipped by $100B in market value after the presentation while Microsoft shares rose 3%. Bard will be available to “trusted testers” for the time being with eventual release to the unsuspecting public.