Microsoft Announces ChatGPTified Bing With Many Breathless Hyperboles

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023 by Chris Hayner

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Or is the plural of a hyperbole just still just hyperbole? Can a hyperbole even have a plural or are they just an ineffable quintessence of overstating things? Something to ponder, truly.

Anyway if that’s the definition that we’re going with, that’s exactly what Microsoft did when touting what the “AI-Powered search engine” that is the result of the Bing upgrade. That couldn’t possibly because Microsoft has spent something north of 10 Billion dollars on OpenAI, now could it?

Satya Nadella said that the significance of AI-powered search engines is going to be on par with the tectonic shifts in culture brought about by web browsers and mobile devices. Which- lets maybe slow that roll juuuuust a little bit. Even the linked article that announces the announcement is clear that ChatGPT as a compute product is expensive, slow, and often wrong.

Still, Bing is not the only Microsoft product that is using AI in some way, with Microsoft estimating that the controversial Github Copilot tool generates 40% of the code in projects where developers have it enabled. Which, I dunno- doesn’t feel like a lot?

Then again I’ve also been told before that 80% is not a passing grade so, what do I know about math? [Ed.- zero, possibly less.]