Microsoft To Replace Their Homegrown PDF Reader In Edge With Adobe

Posted on Friday, Feb 17, 2023 by Chris Hayner

Featured in this episode of Chaos Lever

This from the “I can’t believe anyone ever thought this was going to go great in the first place” department: over the next year or so Microsoft will be replacing the Edge PDF rendering engine with one that comes directly from Adobe.

The offer is simple: Edge’s PDF reader is not good- or, at least, if you go by the comments from enterprise users, it’s not good enough. Edge became a real browser when it started using the superior chromium engine, and it stands to reason that they’ve learned from that experience when they made this decision about PDFs.

And of course, since this is Adobe we’re talking about there’s an option to go with a paid version that lets you do the unthinkable: Edit PDFs. To be fair, there are other products on the market that can work in-browser and even edit PDFs. But they’re rarely on the list of massive corporations’ automatic expense approvals list.

Adobe, for all their faults, usually is.