FinTech is hard enough for humans to understand - lets bring in AI!

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023 by Chris Hayner

Featured in this episode of Chaos Lever

Fintech is a vague term. It’s short for Financial technology, and really can be applied to basically any IT that affects, improves, or automates financial services.

Even though it’s only gotten significant recent pop because of our societal love of naming things using portmanteaus, the concept really is as old as computers. It was responsible for the automated high frequency trading that caused the flash crash in 2010, for example. Good times!

The good people at Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology at Warwick Business School had a Fintech conference this weekend called “The Frontiers of AI and Fintech, and they invited ChatGPT. Not lost on me is the irony that the conference is about the future, yet ChatGPT’s training stopped with data from 2021.

As fun as it would be to distill all the wrong things ChatGPT said if it were to be made a proper panelist, it will only be used to create “a report of the two day event.”

Still, considering the initiatives of ChatGPT’s corporate overlords I still tend to suspect that the event will mysteriously include a lot of suggestions of anonymous bluish cloud migrations and vendor neutral adoption of Office 365 as key takeaways.