Newly AI Powered Instagram CGI Avatar Noonoouri Given Record Contract

Posted on Friday, Sep 8, 2023 by Chris Hayner

Featured in this episode of Tech News of the Week

In 2018 a German “fashion innovator” named Joerg Zuber decided to embark on a virtual project. The “digital character/model” is an opportunity for Zuber to do fashiony things in a CGI-based model. In fact she’s a legit influencer now, with a modeling contract with IMG.

Did I mention that Noonouri is a 19-year old female with huge eyes, and she has been for the past 5 years? And that Zuber himself uses mocap suits to make her move? Is everyone suitably uncomfortable yet? ANYWAY.

This week it was announced that Noonouri’s latest initiative will be music, and that she’s already got a record deal? As you can imagine, this has not provoked a positive response from the rest of the music world. The Musicians Union of the UK is already calling for legislation, and considering the still-unresolved SAG/Writers guild strike here in the states, I have to assume a lot more resistance to this Warner idea is coming soon.

Update: As a little bit more personal suffering, I listened to the music and… it’s not good. It’s hyper processed, super safe bubblegum pop dance music with enough voice filters for people to think it’s significant. You can’t really make out the lyrics, but to be fair lyrics are quite insignificant to this type of mass produced nonsense regardless if the singer is human or not. God I’m old. The song is called Dominoes if you too would like to experience it for yourself. I refuse to link it.

Later Update: a little more research has picked out nearly all of the other songs that Dominoes AI was “inspired” by, including “We Are The People” by Empire of the Sun. Which I also don’t think I like, but I will say the video for that one is BONKERS, and THAT I like. Actually, all of their videos seem to be pretty fun and goddamnit, do I like Empire of the Sun now? Well there’s a victory for AI- I learned about a new human creator. Win!