Elon Announces New CEO- And It’s Not Sheryl Sandberg

Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2023 by Chris Hayner

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Well one of my new year’s predictions takes a turn for the worst: The new CEO of Twitter will be NBC Universal’s Advertising Chief, Linda Yaccarino. This makes perfect sense because at its core, Twitter can only exist from the grace of ad revenue- something that Elon’s antics have destroyed by something like 2/3rds since taking over.

A great philosopher once said that Elon would never approve a CEO that he didn’t think he could control, which likely meant that Sandberg wasn’t ever in the running. Either that, or even she couldn’t tolerate working with Elon on a daily basis.

Elon, never the greatest student of science or business, likely has never heard of Yaccarino so he probably thinks he can turn her into a pawn. Then again, Elon also still thinks his vaporware idea of “X, the everything app” is worth talking about, or is actually ever going to actually happen. Something tells me he’s going to be wrong about both of those things.