On the next episode of Elon Musk’s Increasingly Bad Decisions, a Twitter Crypto coin

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 13, 2022 by Chris Hayner

Featured in this episode of Chaos Lever

So this has been a great year for right minded humans. FTX’s insane fall has prompted actual FTC action against crypto companies. Not just FTX, but crypto.com is in the hot seat and people like Tom Brady and Larry David are named defendants in suits calling crypto what it is- a ponzi scheme.

Public sentiment around the very idea of cryptocurrency is plunging, with it holding an amazing 8% approval rate, which is down from 19% this time last year. That’s right, crypto was never actually popular!

So what’s a desperate, brain-cell deficient crypto dudebro like Elon to do? Work on the release of a Twitter Crypto Coin of course! Little is known about this coin yet outside of some leaked screenshots that show “Coin” as a way to pay for things on Twitter, and some images that are claimed to be part of the project.

Naturally all the other crypto dudebros (totally coincidentally the dogecoin world is abuzz) are hyping this as the next big thing. Not because it’s a ponzi scheme of course, and they are already in. That couldn’t have anything to do with it. Musk has long been associated with crypto, and said in a public meeting on December 4th, “It is kind of a no-brainer for Twitter to have payments, both fiat and crypto,” So I think it’s a safe bet that this terrible idea will be made reality any minute now.