Hands are the hardest thing to draw? Midjourney says, 'Hold my beer.'

Posted on Sunday, Mar 26, 2023 by Ned Bellavance

Featured in this episode of Chaos Lever

This has been a big week for AI. GPT-4 was released, Microsoft expanded their Copilot branding to include all of Microsoft 365, encompassing the Office applications as well, and Midjourney v5 was released showing some stunning renders that approximate real life a little too well.

Anyone who has used previous versions of Midjourney or a competitor like Dall-E, knows that it gets the large details right while having trouble with the small things. People with impossible bone structures, trucks with too many mirrors, dogs with more than the normal number of legs. You know, nightmare fuel fed directly into my brain.

Midjourney v5 offers an improvement on these details, showing what they call photo-realistic images rendered in 4k resolution. And best of all? It can render hands. With five digits and everything!

AI’s inability to grasp the correct number of fingers on a hand- something a five-year-old has little trouble with- had become part joke and part indictment. It would appear that the uncanny valley of hands has been bridged with version five’s sprinkling of prestidigitation.