United Kingdom’s Online Safety Bill Set To Completely Destroy Security And Privacy Online

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 15, 2023 by Chris Hayner

Featured in this episode of Chaos Lever

Anyone with even a small amount of privacy background knows that the UK kind of loves prying into the lives of their citizens. London, famously, is the only city outside of China when it comes to CCTV cameras per capita top 10.

Now, to put a feather in their “Won’t someone think of the children” cap, they’re once again attempting to destroy internet security this coming parliamentary season so they can spy on people at will. Basically the idea of the bill would require companies to break end-to-end encryption and hand over messages from individuals to the government at will. This of course is a terrible idea and would result in a lot of security problems and basically the end of reliable privacy online.


The bill is so bad that even Facebook is on the right side of the issue, saying that they will remove WhatsApp from the UK market completely rather than comply. How’s that for a bellwether, UK? It’s time to seriously re-evaluate your priorities and actions when you’ve done something so invasive and stupid that even FACEBOOK appears to be in the right.