Need K8s Native Storage? Akamai is Ondat.

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 8, 2023 by Ned Bellavance

Featured in this episode of Chaos Lever

Kubernetes storage startup Ondat is being acquired by CDN and edge player Akamai. Originally called StorageOS, Ondat has been around since the early days of Kubernetes, starting in 2015. Their solution is deployed directly on a Kubernetes cluster and interfaces with the Linux I/O stack to talk to whatever storage you want to present.

Akamai has been on a bit of an acquisition tear lately, scooping up Philadelphia-based cloud provider Linode back in February of 2022. They cited the Ondat acquisition as a way to round out the storage functionality in the Linode Kubernetes Environment (LKE) service. Chris and I have both attended Tech Field Day events where Ondat was presenting, and we both felt that they were looking to be acquired at some point.

I’m glad to see they got their wish, even though I wouldn’t have thought Akamai would be their eventual home. Congrats to the Ondat team, I hope they continue to improve the product as it is integrated into Akamai’s offerings.