Just a reminder that it’s not just Twitter. Elon Musk is still failing at running Tesla, too

Posted on Thursday, Feb 23, 2023 by Chris Hayner

Featured in this episode of Chaos Lever

So let’s play a game. Let’s pretend you’re in charge of a car company. A car, for this thought experiment, can be considered a 4,000+ pound missile that can move at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour and contains within it fleshy, easily injured meat bags. This “car” will be traveling at said speeds all around other cars as well as free-range meat bags.

Let’s also say that you want this car to be self driving. Considering all of the risks involved in such a venture, you’d want the self driving to be absolutely rock solid, right? Right? Well Tesla doesn’t. Tesla, which is still allowed to be a going commercial concern for some godforsaken reason, introduced what they called “Full Self-Driving Beta” software to their fleet. BETA. Are you fucking kidding me?

Self. Driving. Beta.

Naturally, because Elon is inept and impatient, and everyone else in the company with decision making abilities is a coward, the software was released, and then voluntarily recalled. From over 350,000 cars. Why was it recalled? Because the software caused cars to run red lights, ignore lane designations, fail to respect the speed limit, and roll stop signs.

Oh, did i mention that Tesla owners would have to have already paid $15,000 for the privilege of making themselves and those around them substantially less safe? Consider yourself enlightened.

Now enjoy this Tweet showing the Tesla Self Driving BETA recognizing a freight train as a line of slow moving semi-trucks.