Developer Survey Confirms Devs Love Rust and Hate Going Anywhere

Posted on Sunday, Feb 12, 2023 by Ned Bellavance

Featured in this episode of Chaos Lever

JetBrains has released the results of their State of Developer Ecosystem survey for 2022 and the finding are interesting.

Javascript continues to be the most popular language, despite being terrible to work on and universally reviled, it was also the least favorite programming language of the bunch. Python is a close second in popularity, probably because it topped the favorite language chart even though it uses whitespace. The two most popular languages developers are planning to learn are Rust and Go, with Rust having a noticeable rise in usage over 2022.

A rather depressing portion of the survey showed that 91% of respondents were male across all countries surveyed, with Argentina and South Korea having the highest showing of female identifying programmers at 11% and 13% respectively. That’s… pathetic.

Also, from a demographics perspective 72% have no kids and 54% listed programming as a hobby. I’m not sure what to glean from that, other than maybe these folks should take an occasional break from programming?

It should also be noted that 44% of respondents are ages 21-29, so that might skew towards people still firmly entrenched in hustle culture. To those people: I assure you, it’s safe to put down the bullet coffee, close the lid on your MacBook, and try interacting with organic lifeforms every once in a while.