Elon Musk Freed From One Lawsuit, Still Has The Other 80 To Deal With.

Posted on Thursday, Feb 9, 2023 by Chris Hayner

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Here’s a story that shocked me (because I forgot about it.) Y’all remember 2018? Heh. We were so YOUNG then. Elon, clearly high, went to Twitter and announced that he was going to take Tesla private with the help of Saudi Arabian backers.

The price was a dead giveaway that he was lying, and high. He said it would be a buyout at $420 per share. Nobody has ever accused Elon of being clever. This week that lie finally got an airing in court- and somehow, a San Francisco jury declared Musk “not liable” for the damage he did to Tesla’s stock. This is frankly unbelievable to me as the facts of the case seemed obvious.

Musk’s lead lawyer said that all Musk was doing was “considering taking Tesla private,” and that a fraud cannot be built on the back of a consideration. This sounds to me like the worst kind of bullshit, but I’m only one man.

I haven’t the faintest idea how Elon can live with himself regarding basically every part of his life, but I assume this is just gonna be another sad brick in his sad wall. [Ed.- We considered making a Pink Floyd reference here, but it would just be wasted him.]